Monday, January 21, 2013

Government Jobs in Pakistan

Government Jobs in Pakistan

government jobs pakistan


A big scope of jobs is available in Govt. sector of Pakistan. Govt. of Pakistan has lot of department and sections some important departments are:

·         Planning and Development

·         Commerce

·         Communications

·         Culture

·         Defense

·         Economic affairs and statistics

·         Education

·         Environment

·         Finance and Revenue

·         Foods

·         Agriculture

·         Foreign Affairs

·         Health

·         Human Rights

·         Housing and Works

·         Industries & Productions

·         Information & Broadcasting

·         Information Technology

·         Labor & Manpower

·         Narcotics Control

·         Pakistan Army

·         Textile Industry

·         Water & Power Development

·         Women Development

With government job in Pakistan, Millions of people work in Govt. sector on permanent & contract basis.
The important reason to work in government jobs are security and guarantee of the job, medical facilities, leaves with many payback like insurance and pension after retirement.  
Government of Pakistan broadcast a number of jobs in different departments on permanent & contract basis.  The job description published in national newspaper.
So this is a golden opportunity for hundreds of students and newly graduates to apply for a job. Its difficult to find all of job advertisement in one place and his relevant information so we make this blogs for the people who wanted for a govt. job. Here we continually update about jobs opening in different sector of Government.

Our aim to help you to find out every kind of government jobs opens in any sector of government of Pakistan. The Job advertisement in newspaper you find on this blog. Join our facebook page to get uptodate latest jobs in Pakistan.


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